There’s a new detective in town!

This week sees the publication of my fourth novel!!! It’s called Paid in Blood and features DI Matt Fisher, a new detective from me.

Matt was once a pro footballer, but after suffering a career-changing injury he gave up the beautiful game and turned his efforts to what his wife thinks is a mug’s game and became a detective.

And he’s pretty good at it too. At least he was. And then fate stepped in and handed him another devastating blow. One day, in London, he took a tube ride that changed his life forever after he intervened in an acid attack on a young woman. Thanks to his actions, the woman was saved, only he ended up as the unintended victim. Sadly, his good looks weren’t the only thing to suffer; apart from irreversible scarring to his face, the attack also robbed him of his sight. At that stage, many would have given up and retired early, accepting the offer of an index-linked ill health pension But Fisher isn’t a quitter. Instead, he enlisted the help of his police union rep and battled to keep his job to prove that a blind detective can still be a great detective. Needless to say, there are those who will take some convincing.

He’s been back on the job for nine months… nine long months during which he’s been stuck behind a desk with nothing but cold cases and paperwork to tax his intellect. But then the brutal murder of a well-loved celebrity — one of the biggest, most talked about cases to face the serious crime squad in decades — comes along. For once, fate is in Fisher’s favour as the team is running light with one detective in hospital following a heart attack and another sunning themselves in the Caribbean.

Fisher knows an opportunity when he sees one. With the murder having taken place at a glitzy art event there’s no shortage of suspects, or motives for that matter, and very little in the way of clues. With his guide dog Luna by his side and the help of enthusiastic but inexperienced DC Beth Nightingale, Fisher squares up to face his most challenging case ever. Will he be able to see through the lies and expose a ruthless killer or are his days as a detective numbered?

You can buy Paid in Blood now, in ebook or paperback by following the links below:



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