Publish – but don’t be damned, be proud and loud!

When I finished my debut novel (A Confusion of Crows… just in case you’ve missed all of the banners on this site 😉) I was so impatient eager to press the big ‘Publish’ button I never gave a thought to let the world at large know it existed before publication day. All that could come later, right?

Going down the independent route to publishing is a real challenge (especially if you’re a bit of a technophobe, like me) but one of the things that helps ease the struggle – or so I thought – is that whilst there may be a lot to do, at least there’s no one holding you to a tight schedule.

The problem is, there should have been… and it should have been me!

Publishing a book has a lot in common with putting on a theatre production. Long before anyone even knows it’s happening, the production crew are busy behind the scenes: designing the stage, making sure the right cast are selected, that they rehearse (and rehearse), changing things as they go to ensure a polished performance. But that would all be for nothing, if no one turned up to watch. Which is why the same amount of effort has to go into ticketing, advertising and publicity; and all before opening night.

As a self-published author it is down to me to not only write the book, design the cover and make it available to buy, but also to advertise and promote it. It’s not enough to simply indulge the writer within, because, despite what the film told us, if you build it, they will not come.


It’s just not going to happen without some serious trumpet blowing. And the loudest trumpet in the world isn’t going to get you heard if you only ever practice at home. You’ve got to get out there and play!

So here goes… A deep breath before I dive into the exciting (i.e. mildly terrifying) world of publicity.

Wish me luck!

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