Long time, no see!

Hello all, hope you are all well and keeping safe out there during these troubled times.

It’s been over six months since I last wrote anything for this blog; but the time has flown by so fast, it feels like weeks. One minute I was sitting doing the final edit on The Body Politic (the third Cat McKenzie mystery), the next, it’s published and I’ve written another (the first in a new series), started the fourth Cat McKenzie story. On top of which, I’ve also published a couple of short stories through different internet sites!

Is this an unexpected benefit of lockdown? Who knows? Maybe the removal of other distractions has fired up my writing mojo, but whatever the reason, I’ve never been so productive.

But it hasn’t all been about shutting the door, and the world out, and relentlessly tapping away at my keyboard. I’ve actually got involved in a number of online groups; including taking part in a live author interview with the UK Crime Book Club on Facebook (you can see me and Samantha Brownley having our little chat here on the following YouTube link:

Not surprising one of the topics of our conversation was The Body Politic, which was published only weeks before the interview. The premise of the story is that everyone has secrets only some are deeper and darker than others and this was as true for the main characters, Cat and Alex, as the rest of the characters. In this book, Karen Small, makes her first appearance in the Cat McKenzie series a as a diminutive welsh nurse. The character was named after the successful bidder in a charity auction in December 2018 and it was great to see her take shape and grow into a character that had such an impact on Cat and Alex’s lives.

The reader’s response to The Body Politic so far has been great and if you have happened to read it, or go on to read it, please, please, please leave a review and help other readers decide if it’s for them as well as letting me know what you thought.

Finally, if you’ve got the time, why not check out something a little different from me. It’s a short piece written for a small production company, White Rabbit, based on the theme of ‘Wonder’. The podcast, read by actors, is available here:


This one’s a bit of a curve ball from me, not being crime based, though there were plenty of times I thought of writing it so the main character falls to her doom, leaving the reader to wonder: did she fall or was she pushed. I thought that might be pushing the theme of wonder too far so the lady was lucky enough to live to see another day.

So, that about wraps up this short run down of my life in lockdown. While restrictions are being lifted now, almost on a daily basis, I’ll continue to push ahead. With the new book of the new series ready to go to beta readers, I’ll be starting work on the fourth Cat McKenzie book, which is already at the outline stage. What is it they say… no rest for the wicked? 😉

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