Confusion of Crows

When the body of a once pretty teenager is found, rookie detective Cat McKenzie faces a baptism of fire with her first murder investigation. Thankfully her boss and mentor, DI Alex York, is on hand to guide her through the process; unlike others in the team, who think a smart-arsed ‘token’ woman is everything that is wrong with the Force today.

But Cat isn’t just academically bright, she’s adept at listening to her intuition. With little evidence and even less experience, she soon makes her mark, bringing in the investigation’s first potential suspect. But even before the flush of success has faded, a second woman, and then a third, are found murdered; all three women sharing the same tell-tale blood lines around their necks.

With the pool of potential killers rising as fast as the body count, Cat and her colleagues are forced to take a fresh look at the families and friends of the dead women to unravel the truth behind the confusion.

A Confusion of Crows is the first in the DC Cat McKenzie series.