Time Flies…

Time flies when you’re having fun, so the saying goes. Well, I’m not sure I’ve been having that much fun, but it was a real shock to realise it’s been nearly 5 months since I last posted on my blog. That’s right – five months!! So much has happened, it’s going to need a lot of self-restraint to keep this … Read More

A Taste of Things to Come: Cover reveal for Crime Bites, volume 1

If you love reading crime make every spare minute count with Crime Bites!  With only one week to go, let me whet your appetite with this great cover reveal. Crime Bites volume 1, my collection of short and super-short stories, is out on 1 August. Crime Bites is the perfect size for your phone or tablet, so when you find … Read More

Crime Bites: a fantastic collection of bite-size crime stories

Love to read crime but never seem to have the time? Let Crime Bites satisfy your appetite. Crime Bites is a collection of short and super-short stories with crime at its heart. Some are light-hearted tales, others deliciously dark. No matter what your taste in crime you’re sure to find something you like. Waiting for the bus? Date late? Or … Read More

What’s hot… The big trend for small reads

As an author and book lover I am always intrigued to learn about people’s reading habits. Hoping to find out more, I turned to the internet to look more closely at what is influencing the way we read and what that is doing to the market for fiction. Well the good news is that people still love reading: book sales … Read More

Confessions of a (Reformed) Closet Book Reviewer

I have a confession to make: I’m a closet book reviewer. Or, more accurately, I was. Even though I would absolutely love for everyone who reads my books to be kind enough to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, I recently realised that I am guilty of rarely publishing reviews myself. I have done a few, but nothing close … Read More

2018 Literary Festivals in and around Kent

With the recent announcement that the awesome Mark Billingham is coming to the Rochester Literature Festival later this year, I thought I’d remind myself what other book-related events were left to go to this year. From cookery books to crime fiction, there’s pretty much something for everyone at venues all around Kent and neighbouring counties. And with half the year … Read More

Top tips for dealing with negative feedback and rejection

Many writers write because they have a deep-rooted desire to bring stories to life and create characters that populate worlds borne of their imagination. Maybe because of wanting everything to be perfect, it can be years before they share their creations; and therefore, years before they have to deal with hearing what anyone else thinks about their work. I remember … Read More

Beating the block

Whether you’re an author whose livelihood depends on new publications or a hobby writer who uses creative writing as a means of relaxation, to lose your creative mojo is a worrying state of play.  Blocks and brick walls can appear at any stage in the writing process, from the initial inspiration for a story and direction of the plot, to … Read More

Dare to be different

How many people envy the ordinary? Think about the film stars you idolised as a child, or now even. Think about the bands and the singers that have caught your imagination. Or the TV personalities that get the greatest following on social media and the biggest spreads in the gossip magazines. I’m willing to bet that most of them have … Read More

Publish – but don’t be damned, be proud and loud!

When I finished my debut novel (A Confusion of Crows… just in case you’ve missed all of the banners on this site 😉) I was so impatient eager to press the big ‘Publish’ button I never gave a thought to let the world at large know it existed before publication day. All that could come later, right? Going down the … Read More