The Body Politic - Out Now!

Think no one is watching?

Think again.

Councillor Eric Devlin was a caring, community-minded man; the kind of man people were drawn to offer their services to. So what could possibly be behind his sudden and violent death?

That’s the question DC Cat McKenzie and DI Alex York seek an answer for.

Their investigation uncovers a shady side to the world of local politics, where favours are exchanged for various benefits. And all to Councillor Devlin’s advantage. It’s no wonder they soon discover there was much more to the man than his public persona.

Everybody has secrets. Some are just deeper and darker than others. And the deeper Cat digs, the more secrets she finds; secrets that touch her personally and more profoundly than she could ever have imagined.

The Body Politic is the third book in the DC Cat McKenzie series and is available from Amazon now.

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